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Couples Counselling

Do you no longer feel you know this person that you live with? Has there been a crisis, perhaps through infidelity, birth, death, job loss, trauma or addiction? Are different parenting styles creating problems? Are you leading parallel lives, experiencing an invisible divorce?

Reconnect emotionally with your partner. Learn how to talk to them so they actually hear how you feel. Learn to listen, discover your partner’s inner world of feelings, and begin to feel empathy once again. Andrea draws from Emotionally Focussed Therapy, the principles of Harville Hendrick’s IMAGO approach and John Gottman in order to help couples reconnect. Sometimes a crisis is an opportunity for change.


Children and Families

Is your child or teen struggling? Is your house a war zone? Has worry become your companion?

Children are enormously affected by what goes on around them, at home, school and in the world. Consider what they see and hear in the media and you’ll understand how children can feel powerless in the world. Combine this with challenging school or home relationships and it can lead to behavioural and learning issues in the sensitive child. Children who feel anxious and disempowered may try to exert control the only way they feel they can – through their behaviour or by opting out.

Supportive counselling will provide your child with an unbiased ally, and will help your child see him or herself as an empowered young individual with a future to forge. Sometimes the work is best done with the child alone in play therapy. Sometimes parents are seen as well in order to coach them in better supporting their child. Sometimes counselling is suggested for the parents. Andrea also offers anger management for children.


If you need to talk...

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What clients say about counselling...

“My parents don’t know that I can hear them fighting. I think they are going to get a divorce like ------’s parents."

“The teacher said there as been a big change in _______. She is not picking fights anymore and she got an award for helping other students.”

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