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Anger Management

Anger is a normal, healthy human response to unfair circumstances and can be a signal that it is time to advocate for one’s needs. Sometimes, however, people find that their anger comes more easily than it used to, that their tolerance for frustration is lower and that they “fly off the handle” too readily. Perhaps family members have spoken up, or they have run into trouble at work or with the law.

With Andrea Beck, anger management counselling occurs in a collaborative, supportive, non-judgmental environment. Counselling will help you investigate underlying causes to your anger, and discover your triggers. Strategies will be developed to help you understand and manage your mood using time tested concrete methods. Anger management counselling can be very relieving, especially when discovering previously unrecognized roots to the anger.

Symptoms of Hidden Anger

• Sarcasm, cynicism, or flippancy in conversation
• Over-politeness, constant cheerfulness, "stiff upper lip"
• Over-controlled or monotone voice
• Boredom, apathy, loss of interest, frequent sighing
• Clenched jaws or grinding teeth especially while sleeping
• Clenching fist, unintentional, habitual foot tapping, facial tics
• Chronically stiff or sore neck or shoulder muscles
• More easily fatigued than usual
• Drowsy at inappropriate moments; sleeping much more than normal
• Tension in stomach; stomach ulcers
• Difficulty getting to sleep or sleeping through the night, waking up tired
• Migraine headaches
• Procrastination in regard to imposed tasks, habitual lateness
• Angry fantasies
• Increased irritability or intense anger over small things

Please Note:

This information is for your interest only and should not be considered a diagnostic tool. If you feel you may have depression you may wish to consult with your physician. If you are experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts please go immediately to your nearest hospital emergency room.


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