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Some people report that the discovery of infidelity by a spouse or partner is the single most emotionally painful experience they have endured short of a loved one’s death. Clients report shock, anger, disgust, feelings of betrayal, sadness, inability to focus, and utter devastation. Some are unable to function as they find themselves crying all the time, unable to concentrate and deeply depressed.

Discovery of infidelity is a loss, and can be accompanied by a grief reaction, see the section on Grief and Loss to understand some of your reactions.

If you are experiencing intense and confused feelings, talking to a trusted counsellor can help you process those feelings and decide what you want to do. Andrea would be pleased to accompany you on that journey.

Please Note:

This information is for your interest only and should not be considered a diagnostic tool. If you feel you may have depression you may wish to consult with your physician. If you are experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts please go immediately to your nearest hospital emergency room.


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If you need to talk, Andrea will listen and support you. Please call or book an appointment.

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